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Dear all,
This is my first post on this website and I hope all of you like my writings and enjoy them. Feel free to leave in your comments. Keep following for some good writings.

If only I were offline….

Hello everyone, this is yet another piece of writing where I share my experiences with you guys. This is an incident which took place in my life and I can never forget or forgive that person.

To someone I trusted,

It was back in the month of August. Like any other Sunday, on the 24th of the month, I was whiling away my time with my phone. Just then I received a text message from my friend, saying that she has been given a dare where she has to introduce me to a friend whom he hasn’t met.

At first I was a bit hesitant. Before I could say anything, she introduced me to him. Without making the situation more awkward, I pretended to text as if I was interested. Then he introduced himself, I did the same. Our mutual friend left us both because she felt her job was done. He started to show more interest in talking me. This was all happening for the first time and I was interested too.

We started to text the entire day. Shared our likes and dislikes. Still today I feel he deliberately copied my likes just to impress me. We went on chatting the rest of the night. I got to know him better, at least that’s what I thought.

I started to think about him in school, at home and even during classes. I guess I had developed a little crush on him. I picked up my phone, only to text him. We spoke about the silliest things like chocolate to making our career decisions. I admit, I liked him. I guess he liked me too.

Days went by and we did not stop showing interest in each other. I still remember the day, he was alone at home because his family had gone out of town. We were speaking over phone at night and suddenly he stopped speaking. I thought that the network was low and kept calling out his name.

He then responded in a dull voice. I was worried. I asked him weather he was crying. He refused at the beginning like any other guy would, but them admitted that he was. When I asked him for the reason, he said he missed him mom. That made me melt.

I became emotional too. That night we cried over the phone, our only wish was to be there in front of each other. Though he was a big time flirt, he was a very emotional guy. I realized it that night.

But, they say that “all the good things have to come to an end”. I really don’t know what stroke him, he started to ignore me. No replies for my text. No calling back. I took a little while to understand why. But at first, I was agitated, frustrated, angry and sad at the same time.

Then all of a sudden, everything was finished. I have so many question running in my mind to ask him. Was that all conversations gone for a waste? Did he actually love me, or needed a break from his boring life? Why did he choose me to hurt out of billions of girls?

Why did I have to be online that day???




In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ephemeral.”

Much to my surprise, I feel that the lightning occurring in the night sky is just so mesmerizing though it is only for a moment. My most favorite part is when the shallow light of the lightning falls on your face. That moment of glow gets me goosebumps. So, I feel lightning is one of the admiring example for ephemeral.

The first time I saw you

It was just another regular day. The same old school bus, the same children whom I used to sit with. But then, something was different. You came in like a breath of fresh air. I had been observing you for quite some time. You might not have recognized me but I did. The second you entered the bus at the foot board, and the smile you gave, the eye contact we had, made me fall for you that very second. Yes, I had a crush on you.

Your eyes so soft and glowing in the sunlight, ant I seeing my reflection in them was a feeling of being on cloud nine. You had the charm in you to attract anyone. Me too…:) Days past by where I was connected to you only by a smile. I swear I did not have the courage to come up to you and speak. I observed you quietly, in the hallway, in your classroom and even when you were running in the court of basketball. I admired your kind nature and modesty. Then one fine day much to my surprise, you came up to me and spoke to me. The feeling of overwhelm and joy was filled in me. It might have been a casual talk but meant so much to me.

Days past by and we became much more closer. I was happy with the way you spoke to me, until that day…. when I heard that you were in love with my best friend. That sentence of yours shattered me completely. I was devastated. I did not know what to say. I put on a fake smile to make sure you kept that smile on you for a much longer time. But only I know the amount of pain I underwent. I don’t blame you for my sadness, nor my best friend. Everything happened in the wrong time. I took time to understand that. I had a tough time listening to your cute love story because I had to picture someone else in my place. I was just a friend to you, but you were much more.

I was happy that you came to me whenever you fought with her. I was happy you trusted me. I guess I failed one of the times in making you understand the situation between you and her. Maybe my lack of words made you break up with her. I should have proved myself as a better friend. I regret. That day, I could not see your eyes filled with tears. I had them too in mine. Maybe she left you for a reason. She was not the right one for you. But now its too late to explain. Gone are the days and people too. But I will stand by you till date. I have moved on and so have you. You are in another corner and I am in another. But I’m sure we will meet again if destiny allows.

Dedicated to someone I love(ed)